Search function in DTTG -- for someone new to iPad

I am new to the iPad and still new to Devonthink and DTTG. I am trying to do a basic “search” for a file in DTTG, but I don’t see any button or tab or anything intuitive in how to do that. The manual says, “Pull down the item list to reveal the search field just like you’d do in other iOS apps.”

I don’t understand what that means. As I said, I’m new to the iPad (iPad 2020). I have searched for and watched Youtube videos, but still don’t see what would be the answer to my question.


This is the section to lightly swipe down on the Home screen in DEVONthink To Go …

The item list in a database is the same lefthand pane and you’d do the same light down-swipe there too.

This is what I see on my screen. So I don’t see the Search bar or the icons at the top of the page. I did buy this version for my ipad.

Pull down on the list in the Sidebar, as indicated by the red arrow in the image Jim posted. It’s a pretty standard way of accessing the Search function in iOS/iPadOS apps.

Thank you!

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