Search highlight persistence

When doing any search with DA and moving it to DTPO is there a way to strip the search highlights from the saved document. They seem to persist and are least of all annoying when I later go to search for something in DTPO and I’ve retained the DA query highlights from long ago.

This is something I’ve just sat on for awhile because I was hoping something obvious would pop out at me in my use of time, but my answer has yet to self-surface.

Is there something I’m missing? It’s great that my new search in DTPO is a blue highlight but yet annoying that the yellow highlights are retained from the query I used to bring it into DTPO.

This happens when I chose to webarchive content for offline viewing, but I imagine it’s not limited to just that, just happens to be the way I tend to suck most things down from DA when >95% of the content is OK for retention. Otherwise I send selections to DTPO.

There’s an option:

Preferences -> General -> uncheck “Highlight occurences in HTML pages” – if that’s what you mean.

Thanks I did see this, but I suppose I wasn’t very clear in what I’m asking.
It seems with this option on it is an ALL or NONE approach.

It is very useful to SEE highlights DURING the search, but when you archive it off to persistent storage it would be nice if there was an option to strip those highlight out.

Down the road when you are looking for something else, your original search query will mean nothing and only serve as a color syntaxed distraction.

Does that make more sense?

I suspected that might be what you meant, but I wasn’t completely sure and thought I’d offer that suggestion.

I agree completely with your statement :slight_smile:

Just reload the page, then add it to DEVONthink.