search highlighting for non-standard files?

DTP2โ€™s new handling of proprietary file formats is a quantum leap forward. Not only are my Word files handled as flexibly as RTFs, DTP2 reads and scans my Mellel and OmniOutliner files as well. Many thanks :smiley: .

There does, however, seem to be this difference in how non-standard files are treated, compared with Word files: when a Word file comes up in a search, the search items are highlighted (as is standard with RTFs and Plain Texts). But with my Mellel and OmniOutliner files, for example, thereโ€™s no highlighting. I get the file only.

Is this the current and intended behaviour?

iChat logs, Word and Star/OpenOffice documents can be converted to rich text and therefore highlighted, all other formats using QuickLook not.