Search in Files app not working?

I’m trying go search DTTG through the files app, but it’s not working, as you can see in the screenshots. I’ve already tried reindexing spotlight, to no avail. Is this a bug, or is there something else I should be doing?

Does it work when you search for something inside the document (content)?

Yes, if I’m in DTTG and search within a pdf, it seems to work fine. The issue seems to be with searching for documents within the Files app.

I’m seeing the same thing, but only in Searching from the Home screen will locate the document fine.

It appears to not be a DEVONthink issue, as I experience the same results when testing with a similar app.

True! Searching from the home screen pulls up the document without a problem.

Interesting, I appear to be having mixed results with other apps. Often the search works, but just as often it fails.

Are they apps that have their own iCloud space, as does DEVONthink? I would think that search with an app such as 1Writer, which creates its own folder on iCloud Drive would work fine, while apps like DEVONthink and Keep It that create them own location on iCloud are the ones that show this issue.

It’s happening even with apps such as Working Copy, which I believe falls under the same category as 1Writer.

I wonder though, if searching from the home screen works, is there not a way to make searching from Files available too?

I’m glad that it happens with other apps too. I don’t think there is anything we could do as users or file providers. That the search from the home screen works means that whatever we as software vendors provide to iOS is, probably, in relatively good order

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