Search in Help is broken for me

This goes out to the MacOS pros out there. Couldn’t find anything relevant on the web…

Serarching in the DEVONthink help is broken for me. On my system, search in help menu finds only menu entries but no entries in the help of DEVONthink.

See screenshot.

Just checked that I can search successfully in Firefox help, in MailMate help, to test if help is generally broken. Only DEVONthink is affected it seems.

What I tried to fix

  1. re-installed DT (without success)
  2. re-created index with Spotlight (without success)

Search won’t find anything in DT Help

Searching in Help app

Searching in Help menu


Maybe the cache of the help system is broken, reinstalling the app might fix this as the help is definitely okay:

I did re-install the app, that didn’t help. Maybe I need to completely uninstall / re-install, but I fear losing my workspace settings (although I have proper backups).


Completely uninstalled / reinstalled. Had to re-enter my license, lost the favorites and workspaces, but search in Help wasn’t fixed.

Does deleting the caches…


…and logging out and in again (and maybe reinstalling only the app - a complete deinstallation doesn’t make a difference as the OS handles the help inside the app package) fix this?

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That helped. Thank you very much.