Search inside folders names


How can I limit my search only to folders names ? The URL/path or name search options look for any files/directories. It would be faster to access important topics this way.

Thanks for your help

Search for names and then click on the “Type” column to sort the results by type.

It works ! Thanks.

V1.1.2 will also improve the ranking of the “All” option (used by most people) and therefore files/folders with a matching name will usually appear at the top of the list immediately.

Thanks, that kind of ranking will be nice to have.

I developed a solution for quickly finding subject folders by name. At the top level I keep all my organization and record-keeping folders. Also at the top is a folder called Subjects, which has many nested folders that can be cumbersome to navigate. For each subject folder, I added the code “xf” in the Comment field; when I search in the DEVONthink window via the toolbar widget, which is always set to All-All Words-No Case (I use the Search window for more complicated searches), I type the code and the name, for example “xf history” brings up just the History folder, “xf svenska” brings up just the Swedish language folder. Then I use double-click or cmd-r to open up the folder.

I have similar codes for bringing up documents I’m currently working on but don’t want to leave at the topmost level.

Thanks Christian. A much needed enhancement for those, like me who mostly use DT as repository and who are often looking for a stored item by name.