Search inside selected documents

Hi, Im wondering if theres a way to search inside currently selected documents? Would be awesome if it was possible.

The best way Ive found so far to accomplish this is to make a smart group for flagged items, flag the items I want to search inside, and use that smart group to delimit my search results. It works, but it means that I can’t use the flag feature for anything else.

If anyone has any other way to accomplish what I want, Im very happy for suggestions. Thanks

Here’s an example of a feature that perhaps could be suggested, unless it already exists (and I don’t know about), or unless there’s a good reason for it not to (that I haven’t thought about). Simply a button that restrict search results to the currently selected files in the browser.

@dantveita, you can give your entire selection a tag (⌃↩) and
(a) create a smart group that filters on the tag
(b) or write a query like this: <your query> tag:theTag

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Where are you selecting the documents from?

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough:

In the browser (the view where all files are listed vertically when browsing DT) you can select multiple documents by holding Shift or Cmd. I would like to search inside just these selected files.

Yes I thought of doing that. It would free up the flag-feature. But adding and removing tags feels a tad bit more inconvenient for some reason. Flagging is just a matter of a quick keyboard shortcut, so its faster.

But being able to just search inside the current selection would be a really great and intuitive feature, imo.

In the item list :slight_smile:
That’s not to be pedantic. DEVONthink also allows actual browsing of web content.

Development would have to assess this request and the broader appeal, but it’s noted.

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“Item list”! Thank you; pedantry is a love language for me so just happy to be corrected. Thanks for bringing the request to development.

You’re welcome.
PS: check out Help > Tutorials for a tutorial discussing the parts of the interface and common terminology.