search issues/global inbox puzzle

  1. Items I put in my global inbox on my desktop are not showing up when I open DT on my laptop. Why not?

  2. When I search, I can either search my open database (which I keep on an ext. HD) OR the contents of the global inbox. Why?

  3. Even when I save as web archive, some DT files are showing as blank. Why?

  4. When I save a web-page as a pdf with instapaper option, it is blank. When I save it without instapaper option, it works. Why?

I’m using DT Pro 2.9.6 on a 2011 Macbook Air running OS 10.11.16, and on a 2013 iMac running Sierra.

Did you set up a synchronisation for the global inbox (see Preferences > Sync)?

You can search all databases via the search window (see Tools > Search)

What’s the URL of these pages?