Search not finding something completely obvious

I’ve got a PDF+Text document in my db named MockRoles.pdf. The very first line of text is “Mock Roles, not Objects” which I can copy and paste into a text editor, and see that it’s fine. And yet if I search for the text “mock roles not objects” (without quotes) it doesn’t show up! How does it not? The document has all of those words, all in that order, on the very first line! Interestingly if I wrap the query in quotes then it shows up as the first result. No quotes though, and not even included in the results.

This has me a bit concerned with DTP’s search capabilities, or maybe my usage of its search capabilities. I would expect that a query of four words, which comprise the entire first line of a particular document, would return that document as a result. I would expect it to be near the top, but even if not, it should still be there. So am I doing something wrong? I used the search window with the default options… “Search for: all”, unchecked the comparison checkboxes, any state/unread/locking/label, searching across all databases.

Please help me get this searching the way I expect it to. It seems seriously broken.

DTP searches for “Mock AND Roles NOT Objects” interpreting the “not” as boolean operator and looking for documents that contain “Mock” and “Roles” but do not contain “objects”.

If you do a phrase search (including your string in Quotes) or simply omit the the “not” your document will show up.


I would guess that DTP interprets it as a Boolean:
mock AND roles NOT objects

And finds all the files containing “mock” and “roles,” then rejects the ones that also contain “objects.” Thereby, alas, tossing out exactly the file you’re looking for.

This is why the option of searching for a literal string using quotes exists.


On edit: Yeah, what Johannes said. GMTA.

yeah. makes perfect sense. I was just too focused on my query to think about how it would logically interpret it. Thanks