Search not finding things?

i’ve been having a problem with the search not finding information in the database and i’m wondering if it is because i’m using it wrong or have it misconfigured. are there things i need to do to ensure text is searchable? i’m expecting it would work equally well as the apple mail search of an entire message.

there are times when i am certain that a word or string of letters is in a document, yet when i enter them in the find field or the search tool it reports no items found. if i know where to look, i can go right to the document and find these same words manually without any trouble. i’ve reviewed the operators and have tried various combinations and am not seeing any problems.

this is killing me. i’m reluctant to enter info because i’m not sure i’ll be able to get it when i need it, but i don’t want to go back to using my mail drafts folder as a notepad. any thoughts or suggestions?

What delimiters are you using in the search field?

For example, you can choose among: operator: all words, phrase; comparison: no case, fuzzy; search for: all, content, comments, name etc.

First, be sure that you have selected a root folder in your database structure. That would be the highest or top folder in the heirarchy.

Second, explore the options in the search window. Beside the little spyglass, click on the down-pointing triangle. The broadest options are the top lines in each section.

You may have accidentally limited the search somehow, which effectively tells the database to “search nowhere.”

Check out the tutorials and the Academy for more pointers on searching.