Search not finishing

I am a new user of DA and I just ran a few test searches. A couple of times, the search did not finish and the bar was stuck just short of the end and I had to stop manually. Is this normal? I noticed that somebody who reviewed the program had this happen to them also.

That’s no bug. Some servers might be down and/or the lookup of domains might fail. And both tasks use a timeout.

This is still happening. I can understand a timeout but how long is it? Sometimes the search bar keeps running for over 15 minutes.

That is, fifteen minutes or more after it has reached the end.

Should be one minute - or does your search set perform any tasks (like archiving, adding to DT, sending an email etc.) automatically?

No and actually, I left the house and just came back and the search has never finished. It just sits there with the bar at the end still flashing and I had to hit the stop button.

That’s strange and shouldn’t happen as long as Cocoa/Mac OS X work as expected. Which search set and which term did you use?

Its a custom set and its been happening with many different search terms.

Any change that you could sent me the set?

I just exported it but I think I need an email to send the file. I don’t see a way to do that in a PM.

Just send it to cgrunenberg - at -

The email I sent is nthoing through (connection refused) so I will just paste the text here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Queue RepresentedObject Name Comprehense Search (no blogs) Settings AddResultsToDEVONthink ArchiveResults BounceDock BringToFront Day 0 ExecuteScript Hour 0 IgnoreCache Minute 0 PlaySound QuitWhenDone Results 0 Schedule 0 SendMail Sound Submarine SpeakText TextToSpeak Search complete, %d results found. engines com.devon-technologies.google_scholar.plugin com.devon-technologies.picsearch.plugin com.devon-technologies.InfoPictures.plugin com.devon-technologies.german.plugin com.devon-technologies.wisenut.plugin com.devon-technologies.engines.plugin com.devon-technologies.InfoWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.images.plugin com.devon-technologies.Topica.plugin com.devon-technologies.lycos-web.plugin com.devon-technologies.webshots.plugin com.devon-technologies.NewsdayWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.HighbeamNews.plugin com.devon-technologies.Newstrove.plugin com.devon-technologies.GigablastWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.AllTheWebWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.RocketNews.plugin com.devon-technologies.Killerinfo-D.plugin com.devon-technologies.BlowSearch.plugin com.devon-technologies.ExciteWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.GoogleGov.plugin com.devon-technologies.bbcnews.plugin com.devon-technologies.FirstGovWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.altavista_web.plugin com.devon-technologies.GoogleNews.plugin com.devon-technologies.lycos-discussion.plugin com.devon-technologies.google_web.plugin com.devon-technologies.reuters.plugin com.devon-technologies.NewsIndexWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.internationalnews.plugin com.devon-technologies.FindLawWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.IncyWincy.plugin com.devon-technologies.DogpileWeb.plugin com.devon-technologies.msn_web.plugin com.devon-technologies.AllTheWebNews.plugin com.devon-technologies.altavista_news.plugin com.devon-technologies.ResourceFinder.plugin com.devon-technologies.seekport.plugin com.devon-technologies.info_news.plugin com.devon-technologies.Topix.plugin com.devon-technologies.Killerinfo-UK.plugin com.devon-technologies.worldnews.plugin com.devon-technologies.YahooNews.plugin com.devon-technologies.DaypopNews.plugin com.devon-technologies.Alexa.plugin filterArchivedPages filterDuplicates filterJunk followLevels 2 followLinks ignoreUmlauts numberOfResults 500

Thank you for the set, I’m currently running the first test.

Does the number of pages/KB or the number of documents still change when the bar is at the end? E.g. the more pages DEVONagent is scanning, the slower the progress of the bar gets.

testing now

Ok, I just did a search with this set and my name and the bar got to the end fairly quickly finding 10 documents and reporting 2435 pages/86347kb and now has just sat there for the last 10 minutes without changing.

Did you use “sgmiller”? Or any other term?

answered via PM

Any idea on this? It happens with every search I do.

Sorry but I didn’t receive a PM so far.

I just sent it again.