Search not showing all results

I search for 2 words and get 2 search results on DT desktop (same database) - but in DTTG I get back only one search result. The missing second document is contained within DTTG and I am able to copy paste exactly the two search terms out of the document.
So the document and the words definitely exist.
Why is the second document not displayed during the search ?

The search technologies aren’t the same in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go. We are trying to being them closer and closer but that’s the current state of things.

Also, please be explicit in your inquiries, e.g., providing the actual search being used. some wordsname: some words or name:some text:words, etc.

Good news that it is being worked on to bring the search results closer!

One difference between them in the current implementation is that:

  • In DTTG, searching for A B will match a document, if A matches the title, and B matches a tag.
  • But in DTP, searching for A will match, and searching for B will match, but searching for A B together will fail.

I find this behavior frustrating. I don’t always remember if a word is a tag or in the text, and it would make my searches more useful to follow the DTTG behavior.

If DT(TG) were to follow your argument, using “A B” would have to find anything that contains A and B (since its difficult to remember where exactly A and B might be): A in the title, B in the tag. A in the tag, B in the data. A in some metadata, B in the annotations. And so forth. Actually, I’d rather have DTTG behave like DT than the other way around: ‘name:a tags:b’ if A is in the title and B in the tags etc.

Yes, you are correctly describing the behavior. For me, I prefer DTTG’s ability to search across all the fields simultaneously, rather than explicitly calling out tag vs. metadata vs. title, etc.