search on an iPad mini

In DevonThink to Go, is there a way to search without using a boolean symbol? Today, using my first generation iPad mini, I wanted to find the word “rebarbative.” I typed “rebar” and got no results. But when I added an asterisk, “rebar*” and searched, I got my word (plus two more).

The problem is the symbol is a long hike through the iPad’s keyboard. Is there a setting in preferences that can automatically include the asterisk?

Currently, no there isn’t but it’s something we may consider for future enhancments. There is a possible performance hit though, since a partial string match would obviously be generating more hits all the time.

The “prefix while typing” option in DEVONthink desktop does essentially the same thing with partial matches. Not sure what the performance considerations of that are. But such a feature in DTTG might be interesting and avoid the wildcard / keyboard issue.

I have filed a feature request with iOS Development to have some discussion about the possibility. :smiley:


DEVONthink To Go 2.1.3 will behave similar to the Mac with “prefix while typing” switched on.

Excellent news! The update will make things much more efficient. Thanks.