search on document type

Hi, I’m a new user, I looked almost everywhere and I didn’t find any way to search on document type (e.g. .DOC , .PAGES, .XLS, …).

This is surprising because there is a “type” column on the result list.

I am right ? if not, how could I do ?

Thanks for your help

See Re: Smart Group for .numbers files for a workaround to search for unsupported document types.

Thanks for your help but When I imported my database the switch Title (on the Import panel from the prefs menu) was set on “title without extension” so the workaround you suggested was useless.

Any other Idea ?

Thanks in advance

No other ideas right now; sorry. I’ve got my own unresolved issue with “Titles: Filename without extension” being enabled [edit: posted under the Beta DEVONthink, unfortunately for public reference now]:

[2.0build6] document titles vs. exported filenames

That topic may interest you if you’ve got that pref enabled [edit: but would be a hassle to publicly repost it all]. Unfortunately Dtech hasn’t acknowledged my later posts so what I’ve claimed is buggy may not be fixed, at least as soon as I’d like … but maybe a vote from you (and anyone else) might help. :slight_smile:

You are not authorised to read this forum … is the answer to your link !

I’ve used this. Open the Search panel. Search for “not 999999” (or any other unlikely string). Sort results by Kind. Scroll to the kind you’re looking for. Ugly; but it works in a pinch.

The feature request I’d like to see would be to add “Kind” as an option in the Search panel, and for “Kind” there and in smart groups, when Kind is Other then DT presents a text box where we can enter anything. (Finder’s search does this.)

Thanks for your help.
I did that and in parrallel created keywords (.pages) (.doc) …
I tagged the resultset with the corresponding keywords and now i’ve what i wanted …

Ultra UGLY
100% OK with your feature request.

Groan! Sorry about that. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve accidentally linked to beta subforum posts/topic. Thanks for letting me know.

I’d really like to make that entire private thread to public now …