Search operators: page range


Im wondering if it is possible to search within a page-range, using operators in the search-field, in the Inspector-sidebar?

The reason I want to do this, is to be able to quickly search for words inside a chapter in a book — and not the entire book. If there is another smart way to do this, Im all ears :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find anything about this in the operators section in the manual.


Searching only certain pages isn’t possible, one workaround would be to split the book into chapters.

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Ok I see. Too bad.

This is what I’ve usually done; just printing out a section to pdf. Not optimal as it takes a lot of time. I guess I just need to look at the the given page-number on an entry when scrolling through the list in the sidebar.

A page-range operator would be really great, though…

I just saw that the latest release included a split-pdf-into-chapters tool. This is an excellent workaround (at least for those files that have table of contents) that will really help accomplish searching only within particular chapters. Much apprectiated

Splitting into chapters exists actually for a while, only splitting into pages is now (and of course that both menu items are now in a submenu)