search results from a specific country

hello everyone,

i am quite new to devonthink and devon agent and i’m just beginning to learn how to use it and make use of its full potential.

unfortunately i haven’t found out how to get serach results from just a specific country (e.g. like in google you can choose too just show pages from a specific country).
i am researching some law stuff (searching for .doc and pdf mostly), so you see that my results need to be specificaly from one country (in my case switzerland -->swiss law).

the only thing i found in the devon ganet documentation was that one can list the search results in order of the domain-ending which is not that usefull cause A) i want to browse trough my results by relevance and B) this would only work for swiss sites which do actually have a .ch domain but i still wouldn’t be able to filter out swiss pages with other endings.

the second thing coming a bit close to my needs is the plugin which searches only sites in a specific language, in my case german. unfortunately this doesn’t work either for me because with this i get austrian, german and swiss sites.

i think you see my point and would apreciate any help


If I were you I would copy the Google.plist plugin that is found in Applications/ and modify the EngineURL to limit the search to a specific country by adding a parameter for it.
You will also have to change at least the Name and the Identifier values. You can save the updated plugin in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagant/Plugins as for example “Google DE.plist”

I would also suggest that you may find useful comparative law information in material downloaded from non-Swiss Web sites.

For example, in the area of environmental laws the EU has not succeeded in getting uniform laws among all member countries. So there could be very interesting case law involving differences between laws in Austria and Switzerland, and you may find publications about such issues in publications from non-Swiss Web sites.

I would suggest dumping results from a more general search about Swiss law, including results from non-Swiss sources, into a DT Pro database, where searches can be used to filter potentially interesting material.

And of course there’s always the possibility that a Swiss professor of law has written an illuminating analysis that’s published on a non-Swiss Web site, such as a legal journal hosted in Germany.

thank you for you answers annard and bill_deville. i will try that one out modifying the enginURL. as for bill’s sugestion, indeed it is intresting, but i have to study specificaly swiss law for my exam. therefore i actually helps and saves time to concentrate just on swiss sites.

happy new year by the way! :smiley: