Search results getting cut off

When I search on a term in DT, for some reason the results are getting cut off at the bottom (see screenshot). In addition, searching for the same term sequentially sometimes gives different results, and some items with the search term in the title are not being found (or are cut off). Finally, sometimes when I search, if I click on one of the results, half of the line disappears and I cannot click on it. The whole thing kind of hangs, but comes back to normal when I re-enter the same search term. Any ideas?

I am using DT pro 2.7.3 on Mac OSX 10.9.2

Thanks in advance

Could you explain what “searching … sequentially means”?

What is your memory capacity and usage while running DEVONthink? It’s possible that the UI glitches that you’re seeing are caused by something else on your machine. Over here I’ve never seen behavior like that – but that’s just one person’s experience. Simply rebooting might clear the problem.

Another way to check this is to log in a a different user – ideally by creating a fresh new user first. If you get the UI glitches when logged in as a different user then try to uninstall, reinstall DEVONthink and/or open a ticket with Support for direct personal assistance. If you don’t get the UI problem when using a different account, then you might have contention with another program.

I’ll try those - thank you.

By searching sequentially, I mean searching on a term, and then immediately searching on that same term again to compare the results.

Your screenshot indicates a glitch in the display of results of the search, which should not be interpreted as resulting in different results or a different number of results for a repeat of the search.

When you use the Query field in the Toolbar, the number of results isn’t displayed. Personally, I always use the full Search window (Tools > Search), for a number of reasons. one of which is that the number of results is displayed.

I suspect that if you use the full Search window you will find that even if the glitch in display of the list of results persists, you will find that repeating the same search without modification of the database(s) will produce the same number of results, over and over.

Having never seen the display issue you report, I suspect that your computer has some errors (gremlins) that will likely disappear if you restart the computer to clear memory. Give that a try.