Search results missing

devonthink finds items put doesn’t list them
no items are shown just a count of how many

Why is that a tip? And what exactly are you doing in order to achieve what you said is happening.


Did not mean to post it as a tip. All I am doing to trigger it is going to tools| search and attempting to locate something.

And which search term did you enter? A screenshot would be useful too.

The split view separator was probably moved to the top and therefore the list is invisible. Does switching to another preview option fix this?

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This is the second time I’ve fallen prey to this and have needed to be bailed out. It’s more likely to occur when I’m having a slow-witted morning. Thank you and you may close the case.


You’re welcome.

Don’t worry - I could have stared at your screenshot for hours and not have figured out what was going on. And it’s afternoon here.