Search results more visible

Ispired by the new search graphics of next safari i would like to ask for a better visual handling of search results.

When i search on a PDF i’m often puzzled because i am unable to find the result :frowning:

If you’re using Mac OS X 10.4.x and if the PDF contains text, then DEVONthink should actually highlight the occurrences and scroll to the first one.

Yes it does but i would like it to be more evident, like bolding the results or enlarging it.

Just as a reminder, note that in the search window when a PDF is selected from one of the search results the first occurrence of the search term(s) is highlighted.

To see the next occurrence, press Command-G, which will result in scrolling down to the next highlighted occurrence, and so on.

Highlighting is probably more unique than bolding or larger font size, both of which occur in many PDFs. Note that one can change the color of highlighting in System Preferences, if the currently operative highlight color isn’t distinctive.