Search results of RTFD / text files

Any chance to implement a search result "hit" list on a pop-out drawer for text and RTFD search results similar to how Preview presents search results for PDF files?

DT Pro already colorizes and highlights Find search results (which is great!), but sometimes, I am searching a LARGE text file, and would like to skim through all the Find hits and their context, ideally in a list on a pop-out drawer.

I understand that until Apple releases the PDF kit, DT won’t be able to do the same for PDF files, but it would be great if that functionality were possible for RTF / plain-text files.

Barring that, does anyone know of any application that CAN do that? Preview won’t open text files. Bah.


I would second that idea. Anway, more important than that is that search in RTF files and converting to RTF would become secure. Yet only converting to text files produces complete documents and correct search results.

Print the Text to PDF ?


Sorry, these were my faults, did not really wake up yet  :-[