Search Results Window

When I do a search with the Find box in the main window, the window columns get redrawn–to accommodate the new column “Score” of course. But what is irritating is that the Name column gets collapsed so far that I can no longer read the name of the file found.

Even though I make adjustments by sliding the column dividers, subsequent searches continue to collapse the columns (if in the meantime I’ve highlighted a different folder in the Source list. Subsequent searches without this intervening action respect the newly ‘corrected’ column divider placement.)

I, for one, would be happy with an option to turn off the display of the Score, but it would in any case be a help not to have to readjust (and readjust) always the column dividers so as to be able to read the file names.

Thank you for the bug report! Could you send me (cgrunenberg - at - some screenshots, especially…

  • one before searching
  • one after starting to search (with collapsed name column)
  • one after resizing the name column