Search Scope & Breadcrumb Problem

No matter how deep you dive in groups in column or list view, breadcrumb always show database name instead of current location you are viewing.

To illustrate, lets say you navigated to: Database > Group 1 > Group 2 > Group 3
Breadcrumb shows your location as “Database” and therefore Group 3 is not suggested in “Search in:” field if you started a search.

As far as I know, only way to change breadcrumb to current location is double clicking the latest group you are viewing, which contradicts very purpose of column view (seeing subfolders without double clicking as in icon view).

I believe current behavior is very counter intuitive and hope you make it work like Finder.

Welcome @melik

Are you referring to selecting Group 3? If so, that’s not the active location. Group 2 is.

Development would have to assess if the behavior should be different in Column view.