Search scores in saved searches/smart groups

One of my uses for DEVONthink is to mine a large database of PDF files (saved journal articles). The fuzzy searching and proximity search options (“white NEAR hat”) work very well.

I would like to save some searches (“Smart Groups”), but there appears to be no way to show the score in the Smart Group results. Is this hidden somewhere? If not, please add it next release. Currently I just obtain the hits - the score cannot be displayed and it is not on the “sort by” menu. For the searches to be useful, they need to be ordered by relevancy.

Smart groups aka saved searches do not (yet) support sorting by score.

Thanks for the confirmation.

So, here we are NINE YEARS LATER!

(congrats on continuing to make it in this tough world, by the way!)

Putting it out there that Score != Hits; and that the Score metric is MUCH more usable and relevant for saved searches / smart groups.

More importantly, and to the point, saved searches do not show the “occurrences” information tab properly, nor the location of the saved search inside of each individual match.

Super helpful if this could be remedied. The search function has it; so why is this data lost when the search is saved?

edit: also just noticed that the results are actually different; saved searches are much less accurate than the one-time active search functionality - what gives?

Thanks again for the awesome product - we complain (suggest!) because we care so much about it!


Example of Requested Active Search Functionality - TOP
Score with Hit Location per Individual Match

Current Saved Search Functionality - BOTTOM
Hits Only

Did you enable the option to highlight occurrences in the smart group editor?

Searches are actually smart groups too, therefore the results should be identical if the same scope is used and other settings (e.g. Fuzzy) are also the same.