search selected word?

Is there a way to search the database for a selected word in a DT document – without having to copy the word from the document into the Search bar?

I can double-click on the word to select it and do a context menu -> “See >>word<<” – but that does not give the same result as doing a proper search, which would let me see the word hi-lited in context.

I’d like to avoid all the keystrokes of selecting, copying, selecting the old word in the search bar, and then pasting the new word. Any tips?


Select your search string, go to the menubar and use DEVONthink > Services > DEVONthink / Lookup. That opens a DT Search view and enters the selected text string. Just hit Return or cllick on the magnifying glass symbol to perform the search.

What’s really great is that this works within any application that supports OS X Services. You can initiate a search of your DT database from Safari, a NoteTaker notebook, a PDF file in Preview, etc. :slight_smile:

Note: Always install programs into your Applications folder. Otherwise, Services features won’t work. (Don’t even think about installing the DEVONthink application anywhere else.)

Hope this helps.


Thanks for that!

And what makes it really nice is that the shortcut

CMD-/ (Command Slash) brings up the search menu with the selected word.

So … select word, CMD-Slash, Return
and I’m done! Neat. Thanks!

Bill, thanks for the lookup tip, I’d forgotten about that.

FYI, my DT application is installed on a different volume and all works as it should. In fact, almost all of my apps are on that volume. The only ones in the stock Applications directory are the ones Apple and a few other developers force me to put there.

But, all the plists, etc. are where they should be, in the user’s various directories. Maybe that’s what makes them work ok.