Search set - DAP 3.11.4

I try to make use of DAP search set to generate search summary of certain keyword/topic, within a set of custom selected sites, in this case, news sites such as NYT, Guardian, WSJ, Bloomberg, which now has 3 dozens of them, and by default in “Crawl” mode.

There is an recent article at Bloomberg / Opinion Section by “Niall Ferguson”, where Bloomberg is included in the defined Search set’s site. When there is no plugins enabled, the search return zero result even with “Follow links” is enabled for “All” and down to 4-levels.

Any suggestion as where to alter configurations for the search set, as apparently I miss something here. Thanks!

When Plugins is enabled for “Google (last week)”, there will be some results returned and the article I mentioned above is included in the search results. There is normal I guess since Google is searching beyond my defined wall-garden sites.

I would recommend Search mode, otherwise the search is very slow, causes lots of traffic and might not return the desired results at all (depending on the structure of the links of the website).

Thanks, it helped with mode changed to Search.

I still don’t know how to fine-tune the Search set, to limit the search result to certain period of time, i.e. last week or last month; currently I manually filtering through the couple hundreds of returned results, to keep only the recent ones.

It would be very helpful in my search case, to be able to define “time period”. Thanks again.

This isn’t possible but you could enable the search set’s option to return only new results. Another possibility is to use the Google (Last Week) or Google (Last Year) plugins, see support assistant.

Thanks. The documentation and help assistant are clear but not very helpful:)

It would be much better that future Manuals can explain the features in a few thoughtful and real examples, step by step, it could minimize uncertainty or misunderstanding.

With the above suggestion, even more results are returned and not limited to last week, it seems like a combined results, with additional Google (last week) plugin enabled.

This plugin performs a generic search and is not limited to certain sites.

I like the idea of “Search sets”, that I could find relevant results within my pre-selected sites, or wall-gardened results, and DAP can also help you to dig deeper. But so far I haven’t figured out my best use-case in DAP, maybe this is not the original intention of the developer.

Any real-life use case you would recommend as such? anyone…