Search set folders missing with Catalina

The search folders seem to be missing with only a blank white space where they are supposed to be,

DEVONagent Pro is not updated for macOS 10.15 Catalina yet. This will be addressed in the next maintenance release, available later this month. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

If possible, maybe you guys could post a sticky thread in the DA board about the status of DA and Catalina. Just a recommendation.

DEVONagent 3.11.2 is available now.

Thank you but I installed it and the search set folders are still missing…this is a big problem for me as I have no way to access the search sets inside those folders at the moment.

There are five blank lines where the folders should be and when I open SearchSets.plist it seems that the five corresponding items are empty.

Plist|690x194 !

I’d suggest to restore a backup of this file.

Its very lucky I have one but I wont be able to do that until next week

I’ve upgraded to DEVONagent 3.11.2 and I’m having the same problem as sgmiller. The search folders were there and then they vanished.

Is this going to be addressed in a future update?

Welcome @ymf1
A screen capture of what you’re referring to could be helpful.

There is a check mark here in the blank space. This used to have deep or fast searches and so on.

Haven’t upgraded on my notebook, so in the blank space reads:

and there are several sub options missing as well.

*Now I’m not getting any search results at all.

Sorry for the multiple posts.

No worries and thanks for the screen capture. We will look into this, as it’s surely a Catalina glitch.

I reported above that the searchsets.plist entries for the corresponding folders were empty…I was instructed to restore a back up of that file. I am not able to do that until I return home from traveling in a couple of days but needless to say having an update wipeout data, if that was in fact what happened, is not a good thing

This was probably caused by issues of older releases on Catalina and therefore can’t be fixed by the update.

I can confirm that restoring an older version of the SearchSets.plist brings back the folders.

Forgive my ignorance, but where does one obtain the older version of the SearchSets.plist?

Only from backups (e.g. Time Machine) or other computers.

I’m not sure what “older releases” you mean. I only installed the first official version of Catalina.