Search set for pdf

Hi all,

I tried to create a search set in DA. I’d like to specifically search for pdf files. Which scanner would you suggest to use?

Cheers, m

As noted in DEVONagent Help: “Linked Documents: Looks for linked PDF, PostScript, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or text documents.”

Bill - sorry to bother you with this but I am not seeing “Linked Documents” as a choice in my search sets. I have included an image of my drop down list that I have on DA. Also I tried reinstalling DA after not finding this search set thinking I might have accidently erased it, but to no avail.

I am running the current DA 2.0.3


R. Joe


‘Linked Documents’ is not a plugin but a so-called Scanner. Choose a search set of your choice, e.g. Internet (Fast Scan). Then, click the gear icon in the toolbar to open the settings drawer. Select ‘Linked Documents’ in the Scanner popup menu. That’s it.

See also the online help, chapter Windows > Search Window.

I can’t believe I forgot this one (it has been a few months since I used DA and I am just getting back into it). Sorry for the basic mistake.


R. Joe

I do have a another question which is related to this thread. I am also trying to find PDF files for some research on Kite Aerial Photography.

When I use:

Fast Internet Scan
Search term of “kite aerial photography”
Setting -> scanner set to Scanner

I get back 8 results, however when I go to the pages I do not see PDF, or any documents on the pages. I have even checked the source code of some of the pages and there do not seem to be links to any documents other than .html pages.

Is there an additional search term or setting I should be using?

Set the scanner to ‘Linked Documents’. This filters all pages that do not contain linked office documents. Open the pages in the internal browser, then open the Objects drawer and select ‘Linked Documents’ in the popup menu. This shows linked PDF files extracted from the displayed page.

Sorry about I made a mistake while typing I actually had it as:

Settings → Scanner set to Linked Documents

So in my search I have my results. One of the pages looks very interesting so I open it up in the DA browser.

I then go to the objects drawer and I select “Linked Documents”.

Now here is where it gets tricky. I understand why the abstracts do not show up as they are links to .html pages. The links to the articles I am interested in though point to a different site than the one that the web page I have open is located on. Is there a way to have these documents show up in the Linked Documents object panel?


Hmm, I am not sure if I completely understand. The page you are referring to in your last post contains a link to a PDF file. This link is also correctly shown in the Objects Drawer. When you select it, the PDF is displayed.

What exactly do you want to accomplish apart from that? If you need DEVONagent to follow links to other sites, adjust the ‘Follow Links’ slider in either the Search Set definition or in the Settings drawer (temporary change) from zero to one or higher. This makes DEVONagent follow interesting looking links.

I think I have been sitting at this computer to long :frowning: You are absolutely correct. I have a number of windows open I was working off of and pulled up the one which I though linked to another site with PDF’s.

I have now opened correct site in DA. The object drawer indeed works correctly and does show the PDF files linked to from this page. The PDF’s displayed in the object drawer are located on both on the host I am looking and on other domains.

Next time before I ask a question I will go have a Mountain Dew to clear my thoughts. However you answers have been most helpful by helping me to streamline my processes for researching. DA (and DT) are truly amazing pieces of software!