Search Set ideas

I’ve been playing around with some of the search sets I mentioned in a previous thread, with generally good results.

Putting DA properly through its paces (which, admittedly, I was a bit lax on until this slow week at work), I’ve come up with a few feature requests:

  • In the Search Set ‘General’ tab, an option to eliminate results below a certain relevance would be nice. I often get > 400 results on a broad search, of which only the top 100 are interesting (and coincidentally have > blank or 1-yellow-pixel relevance). Maybe a color slider to keep with the visual nature of the relevance bar?

  • Again in the General Tab, a way to specify a minimum number of times that a search term must hit. For example: ‘bytecode{3}’ or ‘“shape_analysis” COUNT 2’. The relevance feature might make this a bit redundant, but more control over which terms are more significant would be nice. Perhaps this can be a filter (ditto for previous one).

  • Multiple selection of scanners, e.g. scanners ‘Office documents’ and ‘spreadsheets’. More fine-grained document choices would also be nice, e.g. PS/PDF vs DOC vs RTF, or TGZ vs DMG vs ZIP.

  • The ability for a search set to send a keyword or some parameters to a plugin. Not at all vital, and tough to implement I’m sure. Some of the source code sites I am searching have sections for C++, Perl, etc; it would be nice to have a C++ search set that sends such a site the keyword ‘cplusplus’ rather than making a plugin for each section (which I do currently). Implementation-wise, I’d think that a 4th column in the Plugins list could have key:value pairs, with a button+dialog to edit the key:value pairs for a given plugin.

  • On the Sites tab, perhaps a way of specifying Levels for sites independently of the main search? Often I have trusted sites that I want to spider a few levels deep, while I want my main search to only spider a single level. I imagine that Sites and Plugins were intended to be an either/or thing, but they could quite complementary.

That’s all for now. Overall I’m very pleased with how DA is keeping up wth my increasingly sophisticated searches. And I haven’t even had a chance to play with the ‘execute a script’ action yet :slight_smile: