Search set triggers reCAPTCHA's in Google

I have a search set that searches for keywords in multiple forums. I don’t get any results and when I check the log entries, I get a warning about “Unusual traffic from your computer network”. I solve a reCAPTCHA and then when I re-run the search I get the results I’m looking for. Is there a strategy to preventing this from happening, or do I just have to just solve the reCAPTCHA every time? I’m afraid I’ll get mistaken for a bot and get blocked from accessing Google or any other search engines.

Welcome @jamangold

Having a CAPTCHA is always a possibility. It’s more possible when testing and rerunning a search over and over, but it’s still not that common.

PS: Even if you blocked from Google, it’s only temporary and the ban is short-lived, i.e., hours not days.

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