Search sets and proprietary Dbs

I am still new to using DA. I have just discovered using “open” gives me a nice DA browser with a little hat to look for associations. Very nice feature, I may have to start using this app. :slight_smile:

What I don’t yet understand is how custom search sets work. Can anyone recommend a tutorial on this please? I see a whole long list of search sites and below that options for searching. I chose “Deep” for no reason other than I want to really test this.

I saw one tutorial mention using Lexus-Nexus for their search. I used LN when I Was at a large University as It came free with tuition. My curent school does not offer this. I know LN, Wallstreet Journal and probably hundreds of other Dbs are proprietary, I need to pay to be able to access them. Did I misunderstand or will DA also search these sites (for free)?

Since I really don’t understand yet how search sets work I am unable to test my theory.

ADDED: I discovered the search sets panel. I tried adding a search and checking every box. It took a while. But what I still do not understand my question about proprietary Dbs not withstanding, is, do I need to search every database? Aren’t some going to gain the same information, Google, Bing, Yahoo for example?


DEVONagent Pro > Help > Tutorials

You misunderstood. You must have your own (or rights to your institution’s) paid subscriptions.

OK, thanks. If I did have a paid account to proprietary databases like LN, I could build a search filter in DTPO - assuming they allowed It?

Then the question remains, how to decide on a search strategy for best results. I suppose that, depending on the sort of research I was doing I would put together a custom search for that research idea or project? Medical research includes medical databases, etc.?