Search Sets or Groups in DevonThink

Scenario: I have 3 groups of databases: Research + Inbox (my primary location); Corporate (Bank Statements and Corp Documents) and Family/Personal.

Research + Inbox are DT Databases; the other two are indexed by DT since they shared via Dropbox with non Mac users. This part of the setup works well.

The challenge, I haven’t figure out an elegant way to setup the searches. Most of the time I only want to search the Research group. Occasionally I need to answer bookkeeping or medical questions. When that happens, I want to search the Corp or Family records only.

In my ideal world, I would create a: Search Set/Group that is focused on a specific set of DBs. Is that possible without the game of opening and closing DBs?

Maybe workspaces can help

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What about setting up a global smart group for these scenarios? A toolbar search would then be able to further refine the results of the smart groups.

PS: You can’t search closed databases in DEVONthink.