Search sets using urls


I was told that when I do a preliminary search for example:
“feel” (depression and blog) I will obtain URLs, and can then use the URLs as search sets to drill down further to what I am looking for.
I am referred to the tutorials but I am not sure what I am doing.

I don’t think I understand the use of the search sets and then using my results properly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You don’t have to create your own search sets usually. But dedicated search sets are useful if you want to…

  • use your own combination of search plugins (e.g. Google+Yahoo)
  • use a certain scanner (e.g. Emails)
  • perform automated actions after a search (e.g. add the results to DEVONthink)
  • run scheduled searches
  • search a list of URLs (the “Marketing” search set is a good example for this)

If you’re only looking for a certain search term, then “Internet (Fast Scan)” is a good starting point.

I am confused with the understanding of search sets…for instance I have created a search for (depression and anxiety) and (blog)
Under plugins I have blogs and usenet ticked off
Under sites I have added sites that frequently give me such results.

I was told that I could run a search within these specific websites to drill down further, is that true?

What does devonthink do?


Yes. I assume that you have created a new search set in Tools > Edit Search Sets. In that same mode, you can choose to drill down, perhaps 2 levels deep.

As Christian noted, in the Edit Search Sets mode you can enable an Action that will automatically send the search results to DEVONthink. The DEVONthink applications enable management, organization and analysis of collections of documents.