Search & sync issues

Moved this to the beta board as it’s not intended for the public ones. Additional details would of course be useful, e.g. which items have a duplicate UUID, the used search term or screenshots. Thanks!

In addition, as you’ve probably used many alphas & betas, it might be a good idea to setup sync from scratch.

Also, what kind of sync you’re doing, ie. iCloud, your own WebDAV, etc.

they are never the same, not sure how to answer that question.

i will add screenshots when i can, DT isn’t starting at the moment.

Everything is on dropbox.

as luck will have it, my new imac just arrived this minute. i will set up DT3 from scratch on a completely new machine and report back.

Are these items emails?

Cleaning the sync stores and setting up sync again on all devices might be a good idea. Otherwise please verify at least the sync stores - thanks!

no, i don’t store emails in DT. they are always web archives, PDFs or markdown.