Search tags with spaces

How do I search for items with a tag that contains a space? E.g. “Requires research”. I can’t figure out the correct syntax for the search bar.

Just type it as-is without quotes, e.g., Tag is for support or tags:for support.

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That seem to work. My issue seem to be that negative doesn’t work.

How do I search for records that do not have that tag? I tried not tags:Requires research. This returns no results at all for me. And !tags:Requires research returns a bunch of records, some are tagged and some are not.

The easiest way to figure out the right syntax is to use the advanced search first and its graphical editor which updates the toolbar search field automatically: tag:!requires research


Why did I never think of that before? (Don’t answer that!) What a useful tip: thanks!


Might sound like a silly question but where do I find this advanced search?

See Advanced button in the search bar:

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Doing this now, (which is a great tip because I wasn’t getting it right by myself) the syntax is now
tags!=UnwantedTag scope:selection
Maybe this thread is old enough to be about DT v2.x but I thought I would update this thread as it’s the best one I could find about searching for things without a specific tag.

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DEVONthink 3 is actually already more than 3 years old :slight_smile: