Search Terminology for NEAR

I am trying to understand how to search for words “NEAR” other words.

This is a search example from the Devonthink 3 manual. Why does my search for

Applies NEAR added

not work?

The default range is 10 words.

The example above includes the phrase “Applies tags added”

So wouldn’t Applies NEAR added be within that range?

Boolean operators work in the toolbar search, not the Search inspector.

OK that works with the toolbar search - thanks.

But the toolbar search output is not quite as nice as the Search Inspector since the Search Inspector shows me a list of all of the responses in context without having to individually click on each repsonse - is there anyway to do the same with the Toolbar Search?

No. The toolbar is for file searching and the Search inspector is for in-document searching.
However, the search inspector should initially pick up terms from the toolbar search.