Search the document for specified terms in a specified order

Hi - Im Sascha
I’m new here
aktaully I transfer data sheets (paper) in a cloud based system
Question: Is it possible to search a document in a predefined order for predefined search terms? (and maybe also do a text export)
The input mask of the cloud based system specifies the input sequence (1. storage class, 2. PH value. 3. Temp. … . However, these values are in different places in the document
The search function helps me a lot to find the value faster because it is highlighted in color.
I have to re-enter the corresponding search term for each value. (Search term e.g. PH value, storage class, etc.)

Who has experience and proposed solutions?
I’m very glad about that.

kind regards


Do you only search inside a certain document or in the database(s)? Are the search terms always the same ones?

im searching document per document
the terms always the same ones

Searching in a document can’t be automated at the moment.