Search through document in DTTG

When I open a document in DEVONthink To Go so that I view it, how can I search through the document for a term?

ps: I know we can search over a who;le database, but that’s a different thing which is not accessible anymore in the document view.

Except for PDFs, this is currently not an option. It is under consideration for future enhancements.

Thanks. Good to know.

does this apply to email-content-search, too? because for me: the content of emails is not found in any search done on dttg while perfectly working on macOS?


Email messages should be searchable too, yes, but not their attachments.

+1 for this!


any updates as far as search-function in any file besides PDFs is concerned?

Not at the moment as we’re concentrating on adding a few other features to DEVONthink To Go first.

Thanks, Eric, for letting us know.

And yet: Once DTTG becomes a/the central hub of almost everything one does with files on iOS, one wonders which cool features could be even more important than any sort of rock solid information retrieval-option – vulgo: “search” :slight_smile: