Search: Why not "XX YY" as SEARCH AS PHRASE?

While I really love DT’s search, there is one thing I repeatedly stumple upon: Why is putting word combinations in “” not interpreted as SEARCH AS PHRASE? All those options in search are wonderful. But using “” is a quasi-standard in search engines and way faster than always switching the option check-mark.

Any comments why is that? Am I missing sth? If not, this might be a “feature” request.


Take a look at the search features of DEVONagent to get a feel for the search features in future versions of DEVONthink. I think you will like them.

DEVONagent has a very powerful set of Boolean operators including NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER and a simple set of search term parsing rules.

Thirded. The other boolean operators are also nice, but quotes are expected now.