search widget?

I have DT Pro Office and can’t figure out how to get the Search Widget. I have the DT Jot Widget but would like to have the Search Widget. Any idea where to get that?

The Jot widget is the only one available for DT 2.0. You can select text in a document and search using Lookup from the Services menu.

The DEVONquery widget is included in DT disk image distributions, available from the Download page.

Edit: My bad; DEVONquery is included with DEVONagent, not DEVONthink.

Thanks for that.
Strange, but when DT is active, I go to the Services menu and see “No Services Apply.”

DevonThink Jot is the only widget included in the Extras folder. Nothing else for widgets.

Bill D posted some tips on setting up the Lookup Service here.