Search with dates

Is it possible to do the following. If not can you implement them in future versions:

  1. I can not change the column types in search results. When I Ctrl-Click the column names it sorts with that column. For example I would like to add Creation Date.

  2. I would like to search in a date range and/or on a specific date with or without keywords. History window is not very useful.

I don’t know anything about scripts. Is there a way write such scripts?


Here’s a trick with Tools > History.

Select a group of items within the date range you wish to search.

Create a new group to which you will send replicates of the selected items.

Back in the History window, Control-click (or right click), then choose the contextual menu option Replicate to, and send replicants of the items to that target group.

Now you can search the new group. Afterwards, you can choose either to delete or keep the new group.

Thanks for the workaround.
Still it would be nice to have an option in the search window.