"Search with DevonAgent" is everywhere!

When I right-click on a toolbar… I find “Search with DevonAgent” among the other options.

Does it makes sense? is there a way to remove it?
If not, I would consider this “feature” more like a bug.

I can’t replicate that. Do you mean the toolbar of a DA search set? Or the toolbar of a DT view or document window?

Of course, if I select text in DT and Command-click (right click), the contextual menu option to search for that string in DEVONagent will be there and is appropriate.

That’s the contextual menu plugin, see folder ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items.

I noticed for the first time the entry when I right clicked on the toolbar of Skim. I found “Only icons, Icons and text, … , Search with Devon Agent”.

It seems then that the Skim developer did something strange creating his toolbar because our menu doesn’t normally show there. You may want to contact him about it.

They said they used the standard toolbar classes, so if DevonAgent appears there, it should appear in every cocoa toolbar contextual menu.

Could you simply write to them? I already filled a bug report, here the link: sourceforge.net/tracker/index.ph … tid=941981

I can’t replicate that. If I Command-click in the Skim toolbar. I don’t see a contextual menu option to search in DEVONagent. The available options are: Icon & Text, Icon Only, Text Only, Use Small Size and Customize Toolbar.

But if I select a word in an open PDF and Command-click on the selection, the contextual menu option to search in DEVONagent is – correctly – available.

Can any other Skim users replicate the appearance of a Search with DEVONagent contextual menu option in the Skim toolbar?

I will try again and give you more details tomorrow.

I tried again but I wasn’t able, maybe I changed something elsewhere. If it happens again, I will post more detailed informations.

Found the problem: the “Search with DevonAgent” appears in the toolbar contextual menu when I have some text selected in the main pane, while I would have expected it to appear only when I right click on the main pane.

Aha! Yes, I can see that here too. It is not so much a problem but it has to do with the way to detect in a “foreign” application if text is selected in order to display the menu. Not much I can do about that, I’m afraid…