Search within (PDF) highlighted text only

Asking for a friend (as I’m not enough of a DT expert to answer)…

Could DEVONthink do a search but matching only within sections of PDF text that are highlighted?

If so, which version(s) of DEVONthink allow this.

(edit: typo)

No, this is currently not possible. A future version may support this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks. I didn’t think so, but thought to ask. I don’t highlight a lot, but I do see the logic from the standpoint of someone who does. Then again such edge case feature have an ROI aspect.

Many thanks,


No problem. Thanks for your patience and understanding. :smiley:

Is searching only within highlighted text still not possible in either DT2 or DT3?

Thank you.

This isn’t possible yet.

Thank you.