I’m returning to DTP after a lengthy absence. It’s great to see that boolean searches are now possible. However, I’d like see DTPO retain the “Operators” and “Comparison” sections of the search page (as they’re shown in the 2.0 beta screencasts). Nothing could be quicker for simple searches, and I found these to be reliable.
Although the “request” section isn’t the right place, I thought I would note trouble searching with a hyphenated word (image attached), whether or not I used quotes. The accompanying “AI” was strange, too. Any suggestions?
DTPO2p5.tiff (159 KB)

Thanks for the bug report, the next beta will fix this.

A term like word1-word2 is identical to the therm word1word2 OR “word1 word2”. E.g. searching for devon-tech* finds DEVON-technologies, DEVONtechnologies, DEVONtechnology, DEVONtech etc.