Searchable Email

Greetings…Being new to DT, I am continuing to slowly learn this amazing software…

What is the best way to import email (either with or without attachments) so that the emails are searchable? I did a test import, and then hit the Command-f keys to do a search on a specific email (as I have done with PDF’s), and it didn’t work.

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

Searching email is a feature of DEVONthink Pro and DEVONthink Pro Office. What edition of DEVONthink do you have?

Hey Korm. I am using DTPO. Thanks so much for your thoughts on this.


If the default view for emails is Best Alternative, it is not searchable via Command-F. View > Text Alternative would allow for you to search a selected email this way. However…

Using the searchField at the upper-right corner of the DEVONthink window, or the more powerful Tools > Full Search i[/i] allows a wider scope of searching. (Interestingly, you’ll see the search results in the Text Alternative view as it switches on-the-fly.)

Hi BLUEFROG: Been away and just returned. Much appreciated the input :smiley:

I’m using DEVONthink Pro Office and well, I can’t for the life of me, find how to set the view to Best Alternative. Looked under VIEW, PREFERENCES/EMAIL. Searched the manual. Can you advise?

Thank you so much!

As well as…

… and to make it permanent – in Preferences > Email

WOW, I didn’t see those!!! Uuugh…Man, am I tired :blush:

Thank you SO much Korm and BLUEFROG! That is hugely helpful…

Have a great weekend and thank you again.

You have a good weekend too. (And thanks as always, korm) :smiley: