Searchable PDF -- how to re-OCR the pdf?

Hi there!

I am using the ScanSnap S1500M together with DTPO2.3.2. Recently I started to scan my docs using the function “In durchsubare PDFs konvertieren” on the “Dateiart” Reiter in the SnapScan Manager. I just noted that SnapScan is not only doing its own OCR on the scan, but also it only converts the first page only… needless to say I need to re-ocr the scans from the last 14 days or so.
First and most important question to DTPO: How do I tell DTPO to do an OCR on an “pdf+text” file? Second question: how do I only select the past two or three weeks of my scan… btw: my entire database is very large and composes documents of the past 15 years and more… so, no way of manually checking for the docs and, once scanned, the original docs end up in the shredder… so no way of re-scanning those :slight_smile:


How did you determine that only the first page of your PDFs was OCRd?

You could attempt to re-OCR a PDF+Text by control-clicking it, and choosing Convert > To Searchable PDF from the contextual menu.

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Hi Korn

thnx for the fast reply.

how did I find it out? Well, if the one (!) doc has some 570 scaned pages and you cannot select singular or muliple words within it I figured something went wrong.

Your idea with the control-click seems NOT to work. It’s not showing up in the "Texterkennungs"window as being processed.

any other idea?

Send the document to DEVONtech support and let them take a look.