Searches and other questions

I’m still finding my way around DTP and have a couple of questions which I hope aren’t too elementary.

  1. Instead of the results being presented in the form of scores, I would find it far more useful to be given the actual number of hits. Is it possible to get the number of hits or, if not, will this be available in a future update?

  2. What would be even nicer would be having the option of displaying all hits with a section of surrounding text and then being able to click on a particular hit to jump to the corresponding location in the file in question. As it is, there seems to be no easy way of moving between hits in a long document, and consequently I find myself still having to start up Classic for any serious searching (using MgrepApp).

  3. Why does the File > Import command always seem to be greyed out?

  4. A number of keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to be working (e.g., Index). I have checked the Services menu for any possible conflicts, but there aren’t any.

TIA for any help or suggestions,


I find the relevancy ranking of search results more or less useful, depending on the query term(s) and the content of my database. Would hate to give that up.

But you do have a report of the actual number of hits, as well as the time it took.

Oh, I get it. You are doing searches using the search field in the toolbar.

My advice. Don’t do that. Instead, use Tools > Search. You will see a report of the number of results. You will be able to see instantly and change the search operators. You will also have other options to explore words and perhaps similar words. Much better experience, in my opinion.

In a large database you will often get a great many results. As results are ranked, that gives you a pretty good idea as to the frequency of occurrence and/or the importance of the query terms in each document.

Good heavens? Pulling up a Classic routine just to look at the occurrences of search terms in a long document? Not necessary. When you enter your search query, DT Pro also enters it in the Find panel (Edit > Find). So when you select a long document, select Command-F and press the Next button to see the first occurrence of a term. Click on Next again to jump to the next occurrence. And so on.

The menu item, File > Import > Files & Folders should always be available. If it’s not, there’s a problem with your database and/or your computer’s operating system or disk directory.

To check out your database, run Tools > Verify & Repair.

To check out your computer’s health, first run Disk Utilities > Repair Permissions. Then insert Installation Disc 1, restart and hold down the C key. Don’t reinstall your OS. Instead, from the menu options, select Disk Utilities and run Disk Repair. When finished, reboot to return to your normal boot disk.

The keyboard shortcut for Index (Option-Command-x) should work when DT Pro is frontmost and should display a panel allowing you to navigate to and select one or more items to be Index-imported. If it doesn’t work, either it has been preempted by another application or there are problems as in [2] above. Workaround: Use the menu, File > Index.

What other keyboard shortcuts are not working?

Note: If you have just installed DT Pro, you will need to logout/login or reboot in order to make DT Pro’s Services active.

Thanks for your comments.

Actually I was using Tools > Search, and I meant the number of hits within each file (sorry for not making that clear).

Thanks for clarifying that (I should have cottoned on to it myself). But I still find a clickable list of hits extremely useful because you can see at a glance which ones are relevant.

I did that and also repaired permissions, but to no avail. I’ll try your other suggestion when time allows. In the meantime I can still import files via the dock.

Hi, Rolf:

I’ll confess that when I’m going through a long PDF document I’ll launch it under Preview and search in Preview. The few attached words do help when one is going through a big file looking for the right section. :slight_smile: