Searches / Sheets

I have a dual request.

one… in DTPO2 I can no longer double-click a row on a sheet to look at it like a “card” I store a lot of information in a row, and it is hard to look at quickly. This was also handy for “printing” a “card” to PDF to be included in a closed file.

two… I can search in DevonAgent for a name in a record by right-clicking, but not for that same name (or term) in DTPO? Seems to be an oversight.

Other then that… I am digging DPTO2.

Edited to fix spelling, and to add that I am digging it less and less without this feature. I need something like it when talking to clients.

Yeah, that individual record view was handy for me, too. I instinctively double-clicked on records expecting it to appear, soon realizing the first click was enough to make a field editable (which I don’t really like). In general, I’ve been noticing other places where clicking seems a bit overanxious to make a field editable.

Me, too. I miss the old records view.

Just to add a note hoping for a speedy return of our very needed records view, without which the data imported into sheets is relatively useless due to viewing limitations.

Yes - please bring back records view! It’s one of the most-useful features of previous versions and the program is not as functional for me without it.

Just wanted to throw another request on there for sheet “record view” or “form view” or what have you so that I can essentially stop needing to create elaborate filemaker pro db-es for what really are just bits of slightly organized data like what I use DTPO for. (it is so easy to spend like ten hours creating a beautiful FMP tool for something that will only be used for about 30 hours total afterwards. I’d love to use DTPO and just eliminate those timewasters.)

Pretty please?! The DTPO 1 record/sheet stuff was really unusual and cool.


Another vote for individual card views.

Browsing through DTP2 after 2 years I realised that there is no card view any more and just abandoned the idea of creating tables – which is a pity. I hoped tables had made even some more progress.

Advanced form views will definitely return and be added to v2.x.

Any updates on the form view of sheets? This is an element that I really, really want. (So I can finally let go of wasting too much time tweaking dBs in FileMaker Pro and just use DTPO for all of my projects.)