I m really frustrated. After years I m still not able to trust in the search of DTP (Office). Maybe i m an idiot, but I dont have that problem in any other tool.

I m loking for a documents about Silverlight in my db.
I have a document (rtf) begins with (and Titel is): “Silverlight ist wunderbar…”
Its on the first place in my inbox, where I collect all my Snippets/documents. - So i can see it!!!
“Search for” is set to: all, all words, fuzzy (or No Case)

I put in the search field “silver”.
(I could upload screenshot)
Why does this …DTPO not find the document “Silverlight ist wunderbar…”, not mention others similar documents.
Thanks a lot for any explication, idea, help.

DEVONthink looks for whole words.

Try the Phrase operator. For example, I have a document entitled “Edward Elgar” in my database. If I do a search (“All”) for ‘elg’ using the Phrase operator, it finds it.

From the DEVONacademy: “Phrase: Returns documents containing exactly the entered string, including spaces.”

I have had similar problems with items I knew were in a file and the search wouldn’t return anything.
I’m not quite certain, but another thing (that I can’t relyably reproduce) is that at times “find in document” won’t work until I click somewhere in the dokument.

Why DTPO still cant to do common (standard) search behavior after so many years?
You dont realize in daily work, that DTPO does not find all you are looking for, if you dont see that by coincidence. =;(

Thanks, chatoye, that helped me.