Searching AJAX sites

I started putting together some plugins for searching source code sites (like the koders plugin) this evening, and ran into a stumbling block with these two sites:

The first site is all AJAX: pressing the search button causes the Javascript method startSearch to be invoked. The second site uses a typical POST query to send the search terms, but the results are loaded in the background.

Any ideas on if/how it might be possible to search these?


PS For coders out there, type “krugle, show me the world” in the krugle search bar – found that one in their Javascript source :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem as edf. I want to automate a search of The initial search has a regular URL, but there doesn’t appear to be control of the results per page and the “Next 25” link calls a Javascript function which munges the URL. Can anyone help?

The link code looks like this:

<a class="body11" onclick="document.resultsForm.startDocument.value = '51';" href="javascript:document.resultsForm.submit()">next 50 ></a>

Adding &startDocument=101 to the end of the search URL has no effect, which makes sense, but is annoying all the same. I guess a more focused version of the question is “How do I call javascript from within DevonAgent plugins?”


DEVONagent’s plugin don’t support JavaScript but that’s not necessary anyway. Your example is based on a HTTP post sent to

<form name="resultsForm" action="" method="post" style="margin:0px">

For more details, see both and Help > DEVONagent Help > Reference Guide > Plugin Development.