Searching and Browsing in DevonThink

I would like to do my web researching within Devonthink, this would make it much more natural to save pages/bookmarks when appropriate. An address bar would make this much easier.

I would also like to be able to set Devonthink as my system’s default browser, so I can: 1. type a word in Spotlight, click Search web for “…”, and have my default search site open up in a new tab in Devonthink.

  1. click a link in another app (say Mail) and have the link open in a new tab in Devonthink.

Can Devonsphere do that?
If that can’t be done through Spotlight, is there a way to set up a service to do it?

Does DevonSphere search web or only disk? If so, does it do what DevonAgent Lite or Express does?

DEVONthink is best for researching and working within the scope of the documents contained in its database or indexed on your local computer or servers.

For “web researching” you might get greater mileage and satisfaction from DEVONagent – which also integrates well with DEVONthink, so saved pages, bookmarks, etc. can easily be moved to your DEVONthink database(s) from DEVONagent. They work side by side. DEVONagent is also set up to be a browser; DEVONthink isn’t a good browser, but that’s just because its mission is different than web research.

Just my opinion – as this is how I use these products – leaving the DEVONsphere questions to someone else (I don’t have a need for DS).

I understand DEVONthink has to focus its feature set, and I’m glad DEVON appreciates the value of local storage. I’m hoping the ability to display and edit the current url of a given tab is not too difficult to incorporate. Is a little smoothing for the collecting of information from the web so far from DEVONthink’s description?

(Besides, a url bar would ease updating/correcting local web archives.)

As far as the system request, I want to be able to use DEVONthink as system default browser not because I want to replace my browser. Rather, I want to be able * to open a new Google searchin a tab within DEVONthink via Spotlight, when I’m likely to want to collect the results

  • to capture links from other applications
    I haven’t thought of another way to implement those two things, but maybe there’s a better way.

Since my requests spring from my desire to see my search results in context with my DEVONthink database outline, an alternative browser (DEVONagent Pro) doesn’t seem likely to help, but thank you for the suggestion.

If I understand right, after checking further, DEVONagent in all its iterations seems to focus entirely on the web. On the other hand, DEVONsphere might be more of a Spotlight-like a one stop power search, allowing one to start typing what to look for before deciding where to look. I don’t know if DS would allow me to accomplish capturing searches from outside of DEVONthink, but I’ve decided to try it and see.

There is Data > New From Template > Tabs

“Open a Google tab in DEVONthink via Spotlight” – you’re using Spotlight to search the web?

Maybe browse in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and use the Clip to DEVONthink extension?

Just mentioning these as possibilities because they’re already available … not at all meaning to disregard the OP’s suggestions.

That is how I search in DEVONthink—I even set a keyboard shortcut for Open Google. I then open links a new tab and bookmark/archive them if appropriate.
It just gets tricky if I need to edit the url of the tab I’m in.

Yes, through Lion’s Spotlight’s > Search Web. If I start searches in Spotlight, I type the search term once and just CMD+Space to check next location, saving finding the search window in each app and retyping the search term to check different locations/sources.

I had set my system default browser to DEVONthink (via Safari Preferences), and it almost works, but after choosing a folder in a HUD window similar to Chrome’s DEVONthink extension, there is an error beep. I had hoped this would add the url to that folder in DEVONthink, but it doesn’t. So near and yet so far.

I forgot to mention DEVONsphere Express – items found in searches can be opened in DEVONthink - including web search - and if the import destination preference “Select Group” is set in DEVONthink, then you can put it where you wish.

Are you using a third-party software to work on your keyboard shortcuts? Can you refer one?